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The RGV300 is the previous model standard Reefinator, suitable for most rock except the very hardest variants, where the RGV300H or the new H4 may be more suitable. Talk to our sales team about your rock types to determine which model Reefinator is for you.

The RGV300 is suitable for most laterite (ironstone/coffee rock), limestone and softer sandstone and shale rocks. The majority of machines currently in use, on a wide range of rock types, are this model and its predecessor, the RGV100 & RGV200.

The Reefinator grate acts like a cheese grater, ripping the rock but not allowing large chunks to come up, unlike a bulldozer ripper. The largest chunks that come up are about the size of a football, and easily dealt with by the roller.

The result is crushed stone (about pea gravel sized) mixed with soil, an ideal mix for growing a wide variety of crops and pastures.

The Reefinator doesn’t only preform well in the field, it also preforms well on the spreadsheet. With only 10 ground-engaging tools, there are very few wear parts, and they are also very competitively priced. The Reefinator has been designed to be as simple as possible to minimise the amount and complexity of moving and wear parts.

The Reefinator was designed primarily for large scale broad-acre farming. It is very efficient, being capable of crushing 1 ha an hour to a depth of approximately 200mm, depending on conditions. Comparable machines would struggle to achieve that over the course of a full 12 hour day.

The Reefinator has been designed with minimising downtime in mind. The 10 main ground engaging tools have been designed to be easy and quick to change, generally requiring less than 10 minutes to change a full set. A full set should last approximately 10 hours, however, some of our clients are lucky enough to get 30 to 50 hours a set, although these are the exception. Wear rates are dependent on the soil and rock type, and in particular, the amount and type of silica mineral present.

The machine includes designated weak point parts (such as shear pins) which are also relatively straight forward to change, and are economical. These parts protect the more expensive and difficult to replace parts, thus further minimising down time, and maximising productivity.


 What our Clients say about the Reefinator:

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"We have been very please with the results of the Reefinator.
Both seasons have had challenges but the yield improvement was impressive last year even with the frost issues.
The worked ground is much easier on the seeding equipment and we have far few tine breakages.
Our weed control has improved, from better incorporation of the Triflurelin, and also after late germination cutting crops for hay.
This year we have seeded Canola into most of the Reefinated country, and although the germination was slow it now looks good just a month behind!
Our one piece of advice would be if you have ironstone country buy one"

Regards, Yvette
Shaun & Yvette Downey
Hesston Farms
Lake Grace

"We farm limestone country at Stansbury, in South Australia. In 2016 we reefinated the worst yielding paddock on the farm. It has 1 metre limestone reefs & we went over it with 3 passes. It became our best yielding paddock of barley with a yield 4.8 tonnes to the hectare. We estimate a yield increase of 40%. Other paddocks although not as impressive showed yield increases of approximately 20%.
We were impressed with the ability of rocksgone to recognize the tough conditions we have in South Australia & design stronger tynes & points. In 2017 we had much less breakage. "

Yours sincerely, Peter Agnew

"Turns rubbish country into good productive land- will only improve over time when more soil mixes with the crushed rock.
Reefinating when soil is moist extends the life of the points."

Regards, Rob O'Brian

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