Depth Charger 


The Depth Charger is a fully hydraulic roller-integrated deep ripper – ripping to a depth of 700mm.

The prototype is already proving its worth at North Kukerin, on sand over gravel duplex soils.

At a recent field walk, the benefits were clear visually. The roller-integrated ripper is based on the same concept as the Reefinator – the roller carries the weight of the machine, crushing softer gravel boondies and clay hardpan slabs, leaving a firm level seedbed; not a fluffy, lumpy mess.

Unlike a traditional deep ripper, plant establishment after using the Depth Charger is excellent, as shown in the test strips done with the prototype so far.

The Depth Charger is modular allowing for different set-ups. Options for delving, integrated leading tine, a rubber tyre roller for lighter sands, an end-on tow transport kit, as well as 6m and 3m width options. This allows the Depth Charger to be set-up for a variety of different soil types and needs.

The Depth Charger is an excellent option for farms which have never had deep tillage done before – for fear of the mess pulled up out of the depths. The integrated roller can handle decomposed stumps and softer gravel rocks. There is also a hydraulic breakout for any hidden sudden surprises.

The Depth Charger is not a Reefinator – more serious rock will need to be Reefinated first.  

The roller is a fundamental part of the machine, not only to crush clods and to leave a firm level seedbed, but also to carry most of the weight of the machine, with some weight on the drawbar to increase traction to make it easier to pull.

The Depth Charger is a complete soil renovation system. It is designed to perform in a wide range of soil conditions, with the result being a trafficable seedbed. Soft, fluffy soil and its associated problems of accurate seed and fertilizer placement as well as soil displacement under the wheels and tracks of machinery are avoided.

This design eliminates the need for wheels. For transport, an optional wheel kit can be added, to tow the machine end-on. This means the design is not compromised by folding, resulting in a very heavy-duty machine.

The tines have a leading tine adaptor incorporated into the tine itself to make the ripper easier to pull.  The tines are spaced at 428mm, so tines can also be lifted to leave 3 m CTF tracks un-ripped. The tines have a breakout of approximately 3000 kg.

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  • Cylinder bores all ½” bigger than required to keep pressure under 140 bar (2000 psi) even under most severe loading conditions
  • Cylinder end clevis’ all have 40mm pins and thick side plates. Will not flog out or bend like a standard 25mm ag cylinder pin (most competitors only have 1” pins and clearance holes)
  • All cylinder pin bores contain replaceable 40mm spherical bearings (ball bushes) which are fully greaseable and protect cylinder rods from any side loads
  • All pinned connections on toolcarrier frame are fully greaseable with hardened steel pins for longer life
  • All pins are retained from turning and tightened with a nut to virtually eliminate wear in housing bores for many thousands of hours
  • Arm connections to main machine contain greaseable and replaceable 60mm spherical bearings (ball bushes).
  • All cylinder circuits contain overcentre valves for safe access to tynes. Cylinders cannot operate without a pilot signal from the tractor and will not sag open or closed over time.
  • Custom manifolds with allowances for CTF. Hydraulic circuits in place to disable tynes if required (double acting tyne cylinders optional)
  • Hydraulic manifolds contain fully integrated and adjustable depth stop circuit
  • No phasing hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulics are kept level on folding and lifting circuits by 3 and 4 section flow divider/combiner units which allow even flow to each cylinder with up to 3000psi pressure variation between cylinders. 
  • Fully modular construction allows working width to be extended or reduced easily
  • 3.6m towing width with optional transport kit
  • Transport kit is optional – no need to buy if not required. 
  • Toolcarrier strength fully analyzed using 3d Modelling and FEA techniques. The toughest toolcarrier on the market
  • Drawbar height fully adjustable with 75mm  turnbuckle adjuster
  • Black Ace ‘BULL PULL’ greaseable tow coupling allows up to 15 degree movement in all directions
  • Hydraulic landing leg as standard


  • Fully welded 50x16 drum ribs
  • 10mm thick drum skins
  • 20mm reo bar lugs attached to ribs for better performance in sandy soils
  • Two separate 1300mm diameter with proven Reefinator style construction
  • Two separate 3m section allows differential action for easier turning
  • 75mm bearings available off the shelf
  • Reliable 10mm x10mm square felt seals
  • Fully greasable bearing housings push fresh grease through the bearing and expresses any moisture or contamination out the seal
  • Machined steel housings available locally
  • Replaceable stub axles throughout


  • 32mm thick Bisalloy 400 tyne shank material
  • Unrivalled 90mm breakout cylinders to give tip breakout force from 1800kg at 1100psi system pressure to 3250kg at 1800psi system pressure
  • Fully fabricated housing construction no castings
  • Shin guard and front leading tyne attachments easily removable with one bolt
  • Tyne breakout movement allows tyne tip to travel back and up level with the bottom of the toolcarrier
  • Linkage and stopper system to allow free independent movement up or back at the tyne point. Movement is designed such that breakout force is the same in both up and back directions. Back movement is not dependent on up movement
  • Hardened pins with stoppers and nuts to stop pins turning and stop housings becoming worn and loose
  • Cylinder ends contain greaseable and replaceable spherical bearings for long life and to ensure that cylinders are never side loaded
  • Linkage made from high strength hardened steel to resist deformations resulting from side loads on the tyne and resist wear in the pins. Linkage is bored after welding to ensure alignment with minimal clearance
  • Main tyne pin is a 36mm bolt for easy availability and replacement in the paddock
  • All cylinders locally made with standard off the shelf seals and wear components
  • Adjustable Bypass check valves used to ensure unrestricted tyne breakout but controlled and adjustable return rate
  • Connection to toolcarrier with M24 high tensile U bolts onto 200x200x9 SHS toolcarrier beam
  • Hardened steel U bolt plate to resist bending
  • Optional front leading tyne attachment
  • Tyne strength and performance fully analyzed using 3d modelling and FEA techniques
  • Multiple holes for future attachments e.g spade or delving tools