Reefinator rock breaker crushes a milestone with 100th machine

Feb 09,2017 at 10:20 am By Admin - Rocks Gone

Reefinator rock breaker crushes a milestone with 100th machine

JUSTIN LAW, The Weekly Times

December 22, 2016 9:00pm

Stylish century: Engineer Kyle Cutts with the 100th Reefinator that rolled out of his Manjimup workshop last week.

THE Reefinator crushed a milestone with the 100th rocky reef wrecker rolling off its Manjimup, Western Australia, production line last week.

The machine, featured in Crop Gear magazine in May this year, breaks up rocks to create arable land and has been such a success, its makers have trebled their workforce.

“Before the Reefinator our workload had been inconsistent and we were facing a downturn in the engineering industry statewide,” said Cutts Engineering’s Kyle Cutts. “Now we’ve tripled our workforce.”

The Reefinator was invented in 2015 by Tim Pannell who came up with the idea of what is effectively a giant cheese grater with depth-controlled hardened tines scoring and breaking up rock.

He called his company Rocks Gone and planned to make just five machines, extending that initial production run to 12 after word started to get out.

By March this year, 50 were sold and less than 10 months later that figure rose to 90 with the 100th awaiting its paintjob.

The newest and most current model, the 300 series Reefinator, includes a heavier bisalloy ribbed roller barrel option.