100th Reefinator rolls off the production line

Feb 08,2017 at 08:46 am By Admin - Rocks Gone

Milestone For Manjimup

The 100th Reefinator rolled off the production line at Cutts Engineering in Manjimup today, marking the success of Tim Pannell, the inventor of the Reefinator.

Kyle Cutts, Manager of Cutts Engineering, says “Before working with Tim Pannell, the downturn of the timber industry hit us hard and we were struggling to make profits, even after trying to go into the mining sector. Now we’ve tripled our workforce and have a production line that is creating ongoing business, security and employment for us and the local community of Manjimup.”

Mr. Tim Pannell, Managing Director, and founder of Rocks Gone Pty Ltd, designed the machine with the help of Cutts Engineering, a family business located in Manjimup.

“Part of the reason that we chose to align with Cutts Engineering because they are a family owned and run business with similar values”

Rocks Gone Pty Ltd, operating for less than 2 years, has built its 100th Reefinator. The machines began selling in early 2015, and 50 were sold by March 2016. Now, less than 10 months later, over 90 have been sold, with the 100th awaiting its paintjob.

The Reefinator was the product of many years of innovation by Mr. Pannell, as he sought a cost-effective and efficient solution to renovating the shallow rocky soils common throughout the agricultural regions of Australia.

Mr. Pannell initially started contract rock crushing on farms with a rotary crusher after selling the family farm. But it wasn’t long before he was frustrated by the high wear rates and many moving parts.

Mr. Pannell was convinced that he could build his own machine that would be much more cost-effective and efficient. After much trial and error, and quite a few prototypes, the Reefinator RGV 100 came into being in early 2015. A production run of 5 was planned, but so great was the demand that the production run was extended to 12 machines. The first of the Reefinators, the RGV 101, went straight into the contracting business and did many thousands of hours of work, working around the clock in the peak season just before seeding.

A few minor changes were implemented on the 200 model Reefinators, and 60 were built in the production run, in the struggle to keep up with demand.

The newest and most current model, the 300 series Reefinators, are currently in production. The option was introduced to upgrade to a heavier bisalloy ribbed roller barrel, thus named the H series.

“The new RGV300H model is built for harder rock like basalt, common in New South Wales and Victoria,” says Mr Pannell. “The standard model does a good job on most other rock.”

The Reefinators have been praised for their work in rejuvenating the land. The Reefinator works to cut and crush rock to soil, increasing its depth and water retaining capacity.

“They’re helping the economy,” Mr Pannell says. “And now with 100 machines, they can help fix even more farmland to increase productivity.”