What our Clients say about the Reefinator:

Click here to watch on youtube

Click here to watch on Youtube

"We have been very pleased with the results of the Reefinator.
Both seasons have had challenges but the yield improvement was impressive last year even with the frost issues.
The worked ground is much easier on the seeding equipment and we have far few tine breakages.
Our weed control has improved, from better incorporation of the Triflurelin, and also after late germination cutting crops for hay.
This year we have seeded Canola into most of the Reefinated country, and although the germination was slow it now looks good just a month behind!
Our one piece of advice would be if you have ironstone country buy one"

Regards, Yvette
Shaun & Yvette Downey
Hesston Farms
Lake Grace

"We farm limestone country at Stansbury, in South Australia. In 2016 we reefinated the worst yielding paddock on the farm. It has 1 metre limestone reefs & we went over it with 3 passes. It became our best yielding paddock of barley with a yield 4.8 tonnes to the hectare. We estimate a yield increase of 40%. Other paddocks although not as impressive showed yield increases of approximately 20%.
We were impressed with the ability of rocksgone to recognize the tough conditions we have in South Australia & design stronger tynes & points. In 2017 we had much less breakage. "

Yours sincerely, Peter Agnew

"Turns rubbish country into good productive land- will only improve over time when more soil mixes with the crushed rock. 
Reefinating when soil is moist extends the life of the points."

Regards, Rob O'Brian

Rocks Gone Pty Ltd was founded by West Australian former farmer Tim Pannell. Tim farmed in Yuna for over 30 years, which is where he first encountered the various problems with farming on rocky terrain.


After leaving the family farm, Tim began a contracting business using a rotary rock crusher to improve farming land throughout Western Australia. While working with the rotary machine, Tim identified areas that needed to be improved to suit the harsh conditions of Western Australia and developed his own concept into our flagship product, the Reefinator.


Following the success of the Reefinator, we designed a heavy duty deep ripper suitable for tough soils and hard pans; the Depth Charger.


Our design philosophy for all our products is DurableSimple, and Cost Effective.


The West Australian soils contain high amounts of silica which cause significant wear on any machine. Our innovations are designed to have wear parts that are quick and easy to replace.


Because we provide our own contracting service, our machines have been extensively used by us on varied terrain across the West Australian Wheatbelt region. We are constantly working on improvements to our machines to create the best product to meet our customer’s needs.


The Reefinator has been met with a fantastic response by the agricultural industry. It was awarded Best Australian Made Machine at the Yorke Peninsula Field Days and Best New Release at the Newdegate Machinery Field Days in 2015.


The Depth Charger has been highly regarded also. It was awarded the New Release Award in the Broad Acre Machinery category at the Yorke Peninsula Fields Days and the Farm Inventor Award at the Newdegate Machinery Field Days in 2017.


In 2017 we won the WA Innovator of the Year Growth Category Award for the Reefinator.


Rocks Gone Pty Ltd is a family owned business, Tim’s wife and three daughters are all involved in the business.